An Irregular Campaign

Session 1

Bandits on the road

Brasmath, Hethdor, Eleonora and Keon were settling in for the evening of 24th Zirden at the temple in Millstead – Brasmath having arrived in Millstead a week prior to help do the work of Alhanar, the other three newly arrived that evening, Hethdor as a caravan guard for a merchant caravan from Felhold looking to perform devotion to Terrun before resting that night, Eleonora and Keon as travelers from Stoneport looking for a quiet place to shelter. They were alone in the temple other than Ogwerd, the Devoted of the temple, when the peace of the evening was broken by a loud knocking at the roadside door.

Brasmath was first to head to the door, discovering a small, terrified girl at the threshold crying for help. Before she could be calmed to explain what she was doing there, she fell limp as an arrow struck her in the back. As Brasmath dragged her into the temple and healed her, Hethdor rushed out to find who had shot her, followed closely by Eleonora and Keon. Spotting a lone figure in the long grass across the way, they quickly overpowered him and discovered he had been part of a group of bandits that had attacked the caravan of the girl's parents, and had left his fellows a couple of miles along the road to pursue and silence the girl before she could bring others in search of the bandits.

Hethdor wasted little time in leading his new companions into the evening sunset to deal with the bandits and possibly rescue the girl's parents, or otherwise see them avenged. Half an hour of travel later, the merchant's caravan was spotted, at which point the party moved to the woodland surrounding the road to sneak closer – Keon proving particularly adept at this, while Hethdor struggled to avoid twigs and branches in the gathering gloom, so opted to hold back and wait for a signal to rush forward. Discovering 6 bandits finishing a ransacking of the 2 carts, the horses already taken from the scene, Eleonora created the sounds of more attackers in the woods opposite while Brasmath, Keon and Hethdor took advantage of the confusion to begin attacking the bandits.

Before realising they had been ambushed, only one bandit remained standing, who confessed that the group had killed all the caravan members – something also evidenced from a look around the scene – and that the bandit camp was hidden a short distance into the woods. After leading the group to the outskirts of the camp, he was tied to a tree while gagged as Keon moved forward to scout the camp. Spying 5 figures, one evidently in charge of the group, resting at the camp, a similar ambush plan was quickly formed to create confusion in the camp to decisively set the odds in favour of the group. Eleonora would free the tethered horses taken from the caravan using her arcane powers, and then terrify them into stampeding through the camp through creating the sounds of wolves approaching the horses from the woods. Unfortunately, a wild magic surge turned the entire camp invisible, leading Keon to run out from cover into the camp to try and discover what had happened, quickly followed by Hethdor. While taken unawares, the bandits quickly rallied against the attack, and a fearsome battle ensued.

As the battle concluded, the bandits were all defeated, but not before grievously injuring Hethdor and Eleonora, and leaving Keon dead. Devastated, Brasmath implored Alhanar to intervene and return life to this brave youth who had followed his adventurous spirit to such a tragic end, and his prayer was apparently answered as Keon rose, although still weak, shortly after.



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