The recognised Pantheon has 12 gods, each of which have a general sphere of influence and holy symbol, as well as a month named for most of them. The gods are not tied to any specific alignment, although some have affinity with certain alignments more strongly than others. Most people acknowledge and pray to the gods as they relate to their everyday lives; farmers tend to favour Marranas, while merchants prefer Rumahrred, but they all still offer prayers to the others as they affect their lives – Kristayne when besotted with another (although some will also seek Gwoyan's blessing), Sholethin and Errulith when a loved on falls ill, Terrun when stolen from, and so on. Temples are generally dedicated to the whole Pantheon, with a clergyman, given the honorific "Devoted" providing service of all the gods, typically with only able to perform minor blessings, but are charged with performing those duties expected for the society they are in – blessing marriages, ceremonially naming new children, laying the dead to rest, and providing the due offerings to the gods as expected through the year. Temples are also expected to keep their main worship hall open for all to take shelter in at any hour, with only the private and most sacred chambers to be sealed for the exclusive access of clergy and divine servants. The symbol for the whole pantheon is a regular dodecagon.

Those that devote themselves to the service of their god show this through carrying their holy symbol and acting to further the work of that god according to their calling – and in so doing receive appropriate blessing from that god to perform their duty. Sometimes this will be to live as the exemplar of the god's ideal, others to spread the word of the god, and others to be the champions of the god in other ways.

Rumours of cults who worship other forces and beings exist as well, but such worship is not thought to be widespread.

Name of God Spheres of Influence Holy Symbol Adherent title Other related notes
Gwoyan Humour, Trickery and Invention Feather quill Laughter  
Kristayne Love, Fertility and Family Lily on its pad Mother/Father  
Zirden Knowledge, History and Arcane Candle lantern with lit flame Seeker  
Sholethin Life, Growth and Healing Heart containing a smaller heart Nurture  
Alhanar Adventure, Curiosity and Exploration Compass rose on a rising sun Wanderer  
Terrun Justice, Honour and Vengeance Forked lightning bolt Justicar High Justicar is seen as highest judge – above lords in their realms
Rumarrhed Travel, Trade and Commerce 10-spoked wheel Fortune Honoured by tithes, expects pay for blessings
Marranas Nature, Weather and Harvest Entwined stalks of grain Tender Honoured by a share of the annual harvest as sacrifice
Druk War, Strength and Smithing Clenched fist Strongman  
Phaeros Home, Hearth and Hospitality 2 tankards touching rims Host/Hostess  
Errulith Death, Sleep and Peace Willow tree becalmed Peacebringer Graveyards are typically marked by willow trees around the borders
Barthenos Moon, Revelry and Madness 2-sided: Full and Empty Moon Merryman  



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