An Irregular Campaign

Session 2
The morning after

The danger at the bandit camp seemingly passed, but with all but Brasmath barely alive, the group took some time to look around the camp and rest for the journey back to Millstead. Eleonora discovered a letter on the body of the bandit leader, signed by "M", providing direction to some kind of shrine and advising that they take a suitable tribute. 3 chests, marked by a symbol Hethdor recognised as being the seal of The Wessun Artisans and Trading Company, and each filled with furs and pelts were discovered, as were some coins and a locked strongbox.

As the group discussed their next move, the one bandit who had gone to search for an assailant in the woods returned and quickly surrendered to the group. After some debate over whether to camp overnight or return in the dark to Millstead, the party opted to gather their prisoners and head back that night. On returning to the road, they discovered the horses turned loose during the attack on the bandit camp waiting near the carts, and decided to hitch these back to the carts to allow them to easily transport the dead merchants and their guards, as well as their 2 prisoners, to Millstead.

While preparing the carts, Eleonora noticed a group approaching along the road from Millstead. As Brasmath moved to greet them, he found them being lead by Parl, the blacksmith of the village. As they approached, explaining they had been rallied by Ogwerd to support the group after the news of bandits nearby had reached them, Hethdor recognised 3 of the 8 as being his fellow caravan guards, while the other 4 were all farm hands from the village. With some help from this group, the 3 chests were moved from the bandit camp to the carts to be transported as well, and the whole party then proceeded back to Millstead, Parl advising that they would need to report this incident to the mayor, Tren Millman.

During the journey back, Brasmath confirmed with Hethdor that Keon had indeed died during the battle, and his return to life was as it had appeared – miraculous. With his sanity reaffirmed, Brasmath left the group as soon as they reached the outskirts of Millstead to return to the temple and discuss what this event could mean with Ogwerd. The rest of the group continued to the Turning Wheel Inn, securing the carts nearby and allowing the horses to be stabled as Goleena Summerland, the halfling owner of the establishment, greeted them and took the group inside to report to Tren Millman. The party were told that Milonia, the now orphaned girl who had alerted the group to the bandit attack originally, was asleep in one of the rooms in the inn, while the bandits who had been captured would be secured with the one that had been left crippled in the field near Millstead ready to be taken to Lord Hew Felson for trial. Tren suggested that they all rest for the night and discuss what to do next in the morning, and the group then all returned to the temple to sleep.

Overnight, each of the party dreamed – with Keon screaming himself awake during the night before succumbing to sleep once more as the only other disturbance that night. In the morning of 25th Zirden, after Brasmath had completed his early devotions, the mayor visited to state that he felt it best for the group to journey to Felhold in order to report their actions to Lord Felson and ensure no suspicion of wrong-doing would follow them. Agreeing this, the group then spent the rest of the day preparing for the journey, planning to take one of the carts with both teams of horses in order to cover the 60 miles in one long day with the prisoners chained in the back. Having discovered the key to the strongbox on the body of Milonia's presumed mother, and finding several gemstones stored inside, this was passed to Tren Millman for safe keeping, as Milonia, they decided, was to be left in the care of the village – at least until some other family might step forward to claim her. The 3 chests were also planned to be left on second cart, and to be reported to the Wessun Artisans and Trading Company in Felhold so they could collect their goods. Hethdor also arranged for word of the bandit attack and Milonia's whereabouts to be passed to Stoneport with the trade caravan he was leaving in order to return to Felhold.

During the day, Keon also wandered off into the nearby woods and discovered a small pond, in which he decided to wash and vigorously scrub himself. When Eleonora and Hethdor eventually tracked him down, he was taken to the inn to have a fresh bath along with a meal. Brasmath also quietly confided with Eleonora that Keon had died during the fight, and seemed to have been brought back to life miraculously. Eleonora also shared the letter she had found on the bandit leader with Brasmath, although neither could make much sense of the directions at that time.

The funeral for Milonia's parents and companions was also held that day, conducted by Ogwerd with Brasmath, Parl, Goleena and Milonia attending, and the bodies all being interred in the graveyard near the temple.

That evening, the group all settled down to sleep early, except for Keon who sneaked outside the temple in an attempt to stay awake. Eventually he drifted off to sleep, ready to be awoken at or before first light to begin the journey to Felhold.

Session 1
Bandits on the road

Brasmath, Hethdor, Eleonora and Keon were settling in for the evening of 24th Zirden at the temple in Millstead – Brasmath having arrived in Millstead a week prior to help do the work of Alhanar, the other three newly arrived that evening, Hethdor as a caravan guard for a merchant caravan from Felhold looking to perform devotion to Terrun before resting that night, Eleonora and Keon as travelers from Stoneport looking for a quiet place to shelter. They were alone in the temple other than Ogwerd, the Devoted of the temple, when the peace of the evening was broken by a loud knocking at the roadside door.

Brasmath was first to head to the door, discovering a small, terrified girl at the threshold crying for help. Before she could be calmed to explain what she was doing there, she fell limp as an arrow struck her in the back. As Brasmath dragged her into the temple and healed her, Hethdor rushed out to find who had shot her, followed closely by Eleonora and Keon. Spotting a lone figure in the long grass across the way, they quickly overpowered him and discovered he had been part of a group of bandits that had attacked the caravan of the girl's parents, and had left his fellows a couple of miles along the road to pursue and silence the girl before she could bring others in search of the bandits.

Hethdor wasted little time in leading his new companions into the evening sunset to deal with the bandits and possibly rescue the girl's parents, or otherwise see them avenged. Half an hour of travel later, the merchant's caravan was spotted, at which point the party moved to the woodland surrounding the road to sneak closer – Keon proving particularly adept at this, while Hethdor struggled to avoid twigs and branches in the gathering gloom, so opted to hold back and wait for a signal to rush forward. Discovering 6 bandits finishing a ransacking of the 2 carts, the horses already taken from the scene, Eleonora created the sounds of more attackers in the woods opposite while Brasmath, Keon and Hethdor took advantage of the confusion to begin attacking the bandits.

Before realising they had been ambushed, only one bandit remained standing, who confessed that the group had killed all the caravan members – something also evidenced from a look around the scene – and that the bandit camp was hidden a short distance into the woods. After leading the group to the outskirts of the camp, he was tied to a tree while gagged as Keon moved forward to scout the camp. Spying 5 figures, one evidently in charge of the group, resting at the camp, a similar ambush plan was quickly formed to create confusion in the camp to decisively set the odds in favour of the group. Eleonora would free the tethered horses taken from the caravan using her arcane powers, and then terrify them into stampeding through the camp through creating the sounds of wolves approaching the horses from the woods. Unfortunately, a wild magic surge turned the entire camp invisible, leading Keon to run out from cover into the camp to try and discover what had happened, quickly followed by Hethdor. While taken unawares, the bandits quickly rallied against the attack, and a fearsome battle ensued.

As the battle concluded, the bandits were all defeated, but not before grievously injuring Hethdor and Eleonora, and leaving Keon dead. Devastated, Brasmath implored Alhanar to intervene and return life to this brave youth who had followed his adventurous spirit to such a tragic end, and his prayer was apparently answered as Keon rose, although still weak, shortly after.

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