An Irregular Campaign

Session 4

Traders and Pilgrims

Setting out on 28th Zirden from Pell´s Farm with fresh supplies, including a small cask of the farm´s own brewed ale, the newly proclaimed Agents of Justice made their way back to Millstead to check on the village and pick up the hides and furs that were packed to continue along to Felhold so as to collect the reward for delivery to the Wessun Artisans and Trading Company. After confirming it was OK for them to borrow the wagon and horses to transport the goods on to Felhold with Mayor Tren Millman on behalf of Milonia, Brasmath and Eleanora also discussed the possibility of collecting a cask of ale from Pell´s Farm to sell to Goleena Summerland as a guest ale at The Turning Wheel Inn. After a quick sampling from what remained of the small cask they had traveled with, Goleena agreed to the deal, at a price that would provide a small profit to the group for their trouble. Parl, the local blacksmith, also reported a concern about having not received any deliveries of iron from the dwarf clans who live in the mountains north of Millstead, who would usually have made their first delivery to the smithy by this time in the season. Brasmath requested a sharp cutting blade, giving Parl some work and also planning to make sure the group would be prepared for traveling through woodland for when they would go to investigate what had befallen this group.

While in Millstead, Eleanora also paid a visit to Tymor and Arrenna Nimblehand, an elderly gnome couple who ran the watermill and the oldest inhabitants at the village, to ask about any tales of pilgrims or nearby shrines that they might know of, as well as the nature of the device that kept the wheel above the inn turning. While the Nimblehands had not heard of any shrines or pilgrims in the area, Tymor was happy to discuss the ease by which he could create such a system mechanically, although not certain that there was no magic involved in the continual motion of the inn´s sign.

The following day the group set out once more from Millstead along the Great Stone Road, pausing only briefly at Pell´s Farm to strike the bargain for the cask of ale to collect on the way back, and spent the rest of 29th Zirden travelling to Felhold, delivering the goods to the Wessun Artisans and Trading Company and collecting the 150 gold pieces in payment for their service. When asked by Brasmath about any other contracts for transport, Tarven Shiel replied that he would let them know if there were any supplies required if they came up, but might be able to offer a reasonable price for any manufacturing supplies they might come across.

The next morning, having slept at the Lord´s Head Inn, Eleanora and Brasmath set off to investigate the libraries at Felson Keep to try and find further information about the Pilgrim´s Path mentioned in the letter found on the bandit leader, while Hethdor took Keon to the Sanctum of Terrun to spend the morning training and catching up with his fellow novices and mentors. While Hethdor and Keon easily demonstrated their superior abilities to some of the more brash novices keen to test themselves against the newest Agents of Justice, Eleanora and Brasmath eventually found some joy when invited to peruse the private library of Tsoldar the Arcane, one of Lord Hew Felson´s trusted advisors. One of Tsoldar´s books made reference to moon carvings marking the Pilgrim´s Path to the shrine where "Those who value knowledge offer what you choose it´s worth", according to the inscription on the altar set at the shrine. The group then joined up again to head out to Pell´s Farm to rest for the evening before continuing to Millstead.

Picking up the cask to be delivered to The Turning Wheel Inn on the morning of 31st Zirden the party set out from Pell´s Farm once more to Millstead. Arriving later that afternoon, they delivered the cask to Goleena Summerland, then decided to investigate the Pilgrim´s Path. Locating it easily near where the bandit ambush had been, they followed the somewhat overgrown path to a clearing in which a single stone obelisk stood near an unspoiled stone altar. The altar was smooth and flat-topped with the exception of a bowl-like indentation with an inscription within the rim that none of the group could decipher but seemed to match the description found from Tsoldar´s book. After investigating the clearing further, Eleanora noticed that the obelisk was set onto a stone slab that ran along the ground to near the altar, but no further information seemed to reveal itself.

As the party seemed prepared to leave the clearing, evening beginning to draw in, Brasmath decided to flip a gold piece into the bowl of the altar. The coin vanished, as Hethdor then bore down on Brasmath and pinned him to the floor, incensed by the lack of caution shown by his comrade. As the group began to argue about the action taken, a satyr arrived at the clearing, seemingly familiar with the area, accompanied by a panther. The altar also now had a small vial with some brown liquid clearly visible within it, the satyr declaring it to be the gift provided in exchange for the sacrifice made. Further inspection of the vial by Eleanora showed it to be a non-magical liquid, although the stone altar was strongly enchanted.

The arguments as to what to do continued between the group, with the satyr eventually offering his stone knife in exchange for the vial of liquid. Brasmath agreed, and the satyr promptly drank the contents and declared it to be particularly good ale. Hethdor then walked away, heading back to Millstead for the evening, while Keon, Brasmath and Eleanora decided to join company with the satyr for the evening at the nearby bandit campsite.



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