An Irregular Campaign

Session 3

Journey to Felhold

After waking before dawn on 26th Zirden and rousing Keon, the group set off on the wagon with the prisoners loaded in to make the 60 mile journey to Felhold, Keon dozing in the back of the wagon where the prisoners were chained, accompanied by Eleonora while Brasmath and Hethdor shared the driver's seat as the 4 horses made easy time along The Great Stone Road. The group reached Pell's Farm, a small holding about halfway between Millstead and Felhold, as noon approached, providing a welcome excuse to pause to get some food, as well as sampling the farmer's own-brewed ale. Keon, feeling somewhat more rested, took the opportunity to stretch his legs and run alongside the wagon as it continued towards Felhold for a few minutes, as the journey continued uneventfully before arriving at the gates of Felhold shortly before the sunset. After presenting the prisoners to the guards at the gate, along with the letter from Mayor Tren Millman, they were directed towards the Lord's Head Inn as the suggested overnight lodging, and requested to present themselves to Lord Hew Felson in the morning. Brasmath and Hethdor also stopped at the temple to perform their evening devotions, meeting Devoted Ribbart as the resident priest.

Presenting themselves at Felson Keep in the morning of 27th Zirden, the trial of the captured bandits was brief with a sentence of death proclaimed by Lord Felson before his court, including Nole Fairhewn, his sworn shield, Colm Trant and Tsoldar the Arcane, his most trusted advisors. Keon spoke up to request clemency, but was overruled by Lord Felson, explaining the need to deter such crimes in future. The actions of the group being viewed sympathetically by Lord Felson when their actions in killing so many of the gang those few evenings ago were raised by the bandits, and they were charged by Lord Felson to act as Agents of Justice, so as to enforce the law within his realm, and requested to return to Millstead. The execution of the condemned were carried out shortly after at the central square by a Justicar of Terrun, witnessed by Hethdor and Brasmath while Keon and Eleonora had returned to the inn to regather their supplies.

The group visited the office of the Wessun Artisans and Trading Company to report the chests currently at Millstead, along with the deaths of Tem and Hastreyid leaving Milonia orphaned. Meeting Tarven Shiel as the proprieter, he advised that he was unaware of any family that would claim Milonia, but also offered the group the 150gp offered for the 3 chests of goods if they can transport them to Felhold by the month's end. The group then departed Felhold with the now empty wagon, and reached Pell's Farm as dusk approached, ready to settle for the evening.



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